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    LOOKING S01 E04

  10. 22 July 2014

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(via 500px / Great Horned Owl by Chris Greenwood)


    (via 500px / Great Horned Owl by Chris Greenwood)

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    Colin Farrell in Stromboli, Italy.

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    ingrid and dash are a match made in heaven. both are fucking crazy under the guise of being nice and slightly boring. dash just MURDERED SOMEONE. but that’s no biggie for ingrid, who got her boyfriend killed (boned his ghost) and caused her friend to nearly miscarry. I hope they fall in love, dabble in dark magic (you know ingrid’s ready) and become evil together like phoebe and cole and then spend the rest of the series pulling each other out of the darkness. writers, make something epic out of their self-righteous attitude and propensity for evil shit. 

  14. Radar search to find lost Aboriginal burial site



    Scientists said Tuesday they hope that radar technology will help them find a century-old Aboriginal burial ground on an Australian island, bringing some closure to the local indigenous population.

    Peter Davies, from Queensland’s University of the Sunshine Coast, is researching the ancient shoreline of World Heritage-listed Fraser Island, popular with tourists for its sandy beaches and dingo, or wild dog, population.

    He said he was approached by a Fraser Island group earlier this year to help find the graves, believed to be of more than 100 indigenous people, including many children.

    "It’s completely sand, and the ground penetrating radar works really well in sand," the soil scientist explained of the island. Read more.

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    Casa Gangotena - Ecuador

    An enchanting boutique hotel in the heart of Quito, Ecuador, Casa Gangotena boasts exquisite interiors splashed with hints of classy Art Deco inspiration. The dazzling rooms in this lovingly restored historic mansion are filled with custom artisan furnishings, wonderful antiques and awe-inspiring original features such as painted ceilings, friezes, time-honored chandeliers and elaborate murals. Further highlights include a charming glass-enclosed courtyard, a rooftop terrace overlooking the bustling Plaza San Francisco, and a restaurant that serves up delicious Ecuadorian cuisine from both the Andes and the coast.